The Wesley Center

The Wesley Center


Organizations and groups need to have a place set apart where they can meet, away from the busyness of life and sequestered from the distractions of the world, in order to focus on their specific purposes, goals, and missions. The Wesley Center fulfills this need by providing a hospitable and private residential environment with comfortable lodging, effective meeting rooms, quality meals, relaxing recreation, spaces for reflection, and a supportive, responsive staff.

We are within a two hour drive of most metropolitan cities in Louisiana and only 15 miles from the Alexandria International Airport. The property has the feel of seclusion, but the conveniences of “town” are just a few miles away.

The capacity of our modern meeting and lodging facilities is larger than most other religiously owned conference and retreat centers in the state. With 64 hotel style rooms and 143 beds, multiple meetings of sizes ranging from small groups of just a few people to large groups of 300 can run concurrently.

The nature trails, 32 acre lake, and outdoor prayer labyrinth provide the popular setting for meditation, personal reflection, and prayer. Contemporary amenities include campus-wide wireless internet accessibility, fitness center, and sports field.

The Zip Line and Challenge Course are available for group events. Challenge Courses allow individuals to improve their confidence in areas of problem solving, self-efficacy, self-concept, trust, and communication. Another primary function of the challenge course experience is to encourage or enhance the characteristics associated with highly functioning teams.

Team building is an all-encompassing term that includes a number of variables, all of which can be addressed through participation in challenge course activities. Most team building programs are designed to develop new problem solving skills, promote risk taking, build working leadership and communication skills, encourage creative thinking, and cultivate trust.

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