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International Womens Photography, Moller, Robicheaux Exhibitions

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International Womens Photography, Moller, Robicheaux Exhibitions

10:00AM - 4:00PM
River Oaks Square Arts Center
1330 Second Street
Alexandria, LA 71301
Phone: 318-473-2670

International Women’s Photography, Robicheaux & Garrison-Moller at River Oaks

The Exhibition will be on display from February 17 to March 25, 2017.

Hours of Operation:

Closed Sunday and Monday

Tuesday - Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Aimed at representing and connecting women from around the world through the lens and the fine art of photography, five internationally renowned female photographers from USA, Brazil, Norway, and Canada are making their way to Alexandria, Louisiana in February to open the International Women’s Photography Exhibition at River Oaks.

"Thirty images will be on display during this select showing which features five distinct female photographers: Jan Beauboeuf from Moncla right here in Louisiana, Celia Anahin from Brazil, Dina Olsen from Norway, Linda Sbath from Princeton, New Jersey, and Tatiana Rivero Sanz from Canada,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director at River Oaks. “With the help from our sponsors we were able to arrange for Canadian-based photographer, Tatiana Rivero Sanz, along with Louisiana native Jan Beauboeuf to provide both lectures and workshops during the opening week of the featured show.” During the opening reception on Feb. 17th, Beauboeuf and Sanz will provide a gallery talk at 6:30 p.m. 

Featured International Women Photographers are:


An artist and photographer from Moncla, Louisiana, she began her artistic career in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Her interest in light and photography evolved into sculptures of neon and Plexiglas. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections all over the country.


Sbath centers her work on memory, dreams and personal history coupled with a love of the quiet elegance found in nature: it's form, symmetry, color and mystery. From her very beginnings as a photographer, she felt the need to refine the original ‘drawing with light’ by adding something to the original, first by hand coloring her silver prints, then by adding additional techniques to produce masterpieces that have garnered international attention.


Using the artist name “Tana”, the “Canadian-Spaniard” Art Photographer, produces photographs that are a blend between photography, painting, sculpture, poetry and the performing arts. A receiver of the prestigious “Shakespeare in Art” Award, her work has been on view literally around the globe, from Montreal to Belgium to St. Petersburg and back to Vancouver. The author of three books, she has a PhD on XIX Century American Literature and is a permanent represented artist at the Mad Gallery Milano, art gallery. She has recently held shows in Venice, New York, Washington, Cannes, Montreal and Paris.

Sanz was one of 15 women photographers presented at the Pil’Ours, Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, International Festival in France. Co-organized by Leica, the festival is a celebration of womanhood, about diversity, different countries and different perspectives. It includes: art photography, street photography and journalistic photography.

Anahin is a Brazilian photographer and artist, currently living in northeastern Brazil. As a professional photographer, she has worked in publishing and advertising/marketing for the likes of DuPont and Goodyear. Dedicated to the laboratory in black and white photography, she creates places that do not exist, transfiguring them, making them like a world she'd like to see. Anahin subjects tend to be the hidden beauty in things usually neglected in the daily lives of people mixed with the multicolored, multi-cultural, very welcoming nature that is Brazil. 

Olsen used her photography as a sort of a therapy and editing as a way to stay healthy and focus on the things she treasures. Her photography evokes a mood for the viewer, a good energy, but also a desire for something better. Twelve years ago Olsen purchased a used camera, learned how to use it by taking numerous photos and has evolved her own style of photography over the years. Her first solo exhibition will be held in Norway in 2017.

Along with the International Women's Photography Exhibition, River Oaks will also feature two additional local female artists of note -"Mapping The Heart" by Amanda Holt Robicheaux will open in the Stokes-Harris Gallery and in the Galerie des Amis, resident artist, Veretta Garrison-Moller will feature "Recent Works".

Robicheaux was born in and spent a majority of her childhood in Caracas, Venezuela, moving to Louisiana in 1991. A current Franklin, Louisiana resident, her work has been described as "beautifully delicate abstractions, swathe ghostly bodies that seem to float and fall across the canvas. Her figures exist somewhere between the women of Gustav Klimt with their full hips and contorted, liquid poses and the winnowing featureless and existential angst of Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures."

Garrison-Moller, a local celebrity of her own right, brings a unique perspective to the world of art. To Veretta, one-of-a-kind artistic endeavors should possess aesthetic appeal, as well as serve a function. Functional art is not a new concept; long before “art” translated into statues and paintings to be possessed, viewed and admired, original art served a specific purpose: a pot that carried water or cooked rice, clothing sewed to keep warm, etc.

Also on display "Recent Works" from River Oaks outreach project featuring students from Matthewa Memorial Health Care Center. Instructor JoAnne Kohara Thompson

Exhibition Sponsors are GAEDA, Louisiana Charities Trust & Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Barton. 

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